Portraits with personality.

Portrait and headshot photography should capture the personality of the subject.

My approach is relaxed, patient and friendly, helping people to be themselves.

No pressure at all.

I shoot in stages, involving the person at every stage. It helps to relax those who may be a little nervous and always leads to better results.

Some people are nervous and freeze, some are naturals in front of the camera and some people have the confidence of a super-model. I’ve seen it all.

How it will flow: I’ll shoot a few quick shots and we’ll quickly look at the shots together on my laptop or the camera. We may then decide to adjust hair, posture, clothing etc. and I’ll shoot some more. We repeat this, refining as we go, and usually after three or four times we’ve captured a few nice shots.

Everyone sees the shots I take during the shoot and people get to choose a shot or two they are really happy with.