A bit about me.


I’m a Brand Designer turned Photographer. I’ve worked in design, branding and photography for 30 years now. Starting up and running agencies for many of those years.

Becoming a photographer

In 2001 I founded a design agency and we always hired super-talented photographers. Then a shoot came up that our regular photographers couldn't do - so I shot it. Then I shot a few more… and loved it.

So much so that in 2018 I sold my share of the agency to my business partner. I’d then been shooting photography since around 2015 so the natural step was always going to be with a camera in hand.

People Power

What I love about being a photographer is the people I meet. I’m not bothered about the tech - as long as I capture the moment. It’s the people for me and I’m lucky to work with some lovely clients. (Clearly, I know the tech stuff too).

When I’m not working

I love a good curry and I reckon I'm pretty decent at knocking a curry up from scratch. Sometimes too hot… painfully hot!!

I like camping with my wife and two boys in an old VW T4 camper. Mind you, the boys have outgrown it now. Gonna need a bigger boat...

Love to be out mountain biking although I don’t absorb the tumbles as well as I once did. Getting too old? Nahhhh!

I’m a Newcastle United supporter and like the footy craic. Feeling very conflicted with the ownership at the moment though. So tricky, but it’s impossible to stop following a team I've followed for ever. It’s in your blood, isn’t it?

I collect rare 60’s soul records and DJ every now and again.

Why not get in touch and tell me about you. I’ll put the kettle on.