How we work together.

That’s a plan!

Every shoot needs a plan, so that’s where we’ll start.

Being organised is the key, so we all know what’s happening on the shoot. Together we’ll discuss and create a framework for the shoot, so we know where I should be at certain times, who I’ll be shooting, what lighting I may need to bring, and all the other aspects that mean we get the most out of the time. I have a shoot-planner that we do together - it keeps us on track.


My approach is relaxed, patient and friendly, helping people to be themselves. No pressure at all! The thing I love most about photography is the people I meet and spend time with, which sounds a bit cheesy but it’s true. Part of my job is talking to people and chatting - it helps everyone relax and be themselves. Of course if I'm shooting a meeting in progress I'll be quiet and discrete.

There is no rush

Well, apart from when we need to be quick! The best shots are captured when people are relaxed and being themselves. Sometimes it takes a little while for people to get used to the camera, lighting and everything, I mean we’re not all supermodels are we?

Tips and coaching

It’s a fact that not everyone likes having a camera pointed at them so we’ll keep portrait shoot easy-going and chilled. We’ll talk through ways to help you look your best and there are a few very simple techniques that I will coach during the shoot to help us get a winning shot.


Before any shoot we’ll talk about you, how you see yourself and the business and what you want the world to see, where the image will be used and who will see it. That way we can create a shoot that’s exactly right for you, in an appropriate style that lets you project the image you want.

Who and where

I shoot on location throughout the UK. I'm usually at workplaces and offices, capturing candid shots of people as they interact and go about their work. I work directly with clients and with creative agencies too.

Say hello.

Let's Get a Date sorted for Your Shoot.

Picking the phone up is often the hardest part so you can use the form here to drop me an email.