How much, then?

Please get in touch about rates for film + media production.

Photography Rates:


Value is important to all of us these days. I like to think my rates are sensible and when I’m on a shoot I strive to capture as many great shots as we can in the time we are together. I don’t like being short-changed and nor should you.

How I charge

To keep it simple I only charge for the time that I’m with you on the shoot and the time taken to process the shots.

Hourly rate - £75

Preferential Rate Packages

Packages are available with set fees that encompass everything. Including travel, shoot, processing, online password protected galleries and delivery of hi-res images.


If your shoot requires an early start, and could take me a while to travel to you, I’ll stay at a local B&B the night before. This will be an additional cost.

Mileage and Travel

Beyond a 25mile radius of the studio I charge the standard 45p per mile for travel.


Retainers are great if you need to create fresh, regular content for social media. If you would like to discuss the retainer rates please get in touch.

Make a booking

Give me a call or drop me an email if you need to have a chat about a shoot.


How do I book a shoot?

Easy. Drop me an email or message me on LinkedIn and we’ll take it from there.

What is your typical availability?

I can usually find a spare day to fit in with your diary. I try not to work on a weekend, although I can if required.

How many shots will I get?

Depends on how long the shoot is of course, but the main objective is to capture the high quality shots you need, which might be 1 or 1000’s.

How do I choose my images?

I create an online gallery that lets you choose favoured images. It's password protected so only you can see it.

What if it is raining?

Although my camera and lenses can stand a little wet weather they do not like downpours. If we need to reschedule I’ll prioritise the shoot for the next available date.

Do you work internationally?

Not yet, but would love to.

Do you shoot UK wide?

Yes, I travel all over the UK on shoots.

Do I need a model release form?

Sometimes. If I’m photographing people at work for publicity and marketing purposes it’s good for the organisation to be covered for use of the images. I can supply a model release form that is tailored for individual clients and assignments.

What is your turnaround time?

I don't hang about. You will usually see a gallery within a week but if you need shots urgently I can work quickly too.

Do you shoot video?

Yes - Video and Film is an area that I’m starting to move in to, alongside photography.